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Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital

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Opening Hours

  • Mon-Sun 09:00-12:00

Covid Info

  • Covid Beds : 118(Tot) 118(Ocp) 0(Avl)

  • Ventilators : 10(Tot) 10(Ocp) 0(Avl)

  • Last Updated : 30-04-2021

Additional Informations

  • Speciality : Covid19 Vaccination Centre, COVID Health Centre and Corona Isolation Centre, Corona Treatment Centre and Dedicated COVID Hospital

  • Beds : 350

  • Name : Dr Shruti Arora

  • Contact : +918447734415

  • Source : India Today-

  • Ownership : Public

  • SPECIALIZATION : Multi Speciality Hospital

  • Emergency : Yes

  • Emergency Hours : 24 Hours Mon to Sun

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