Uttarakhand Power Corporation Electricity Bill Collection Centre

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Chaughan Pata, Almora District, Almora, Uttarakhand


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Srivathsa Bhat reviewed HP Petrol Pump
Average bunk, just ensure that you are careful when filling fuel, attendants divert you and fill less
Jhunna Kumar Sharma subscribed to Yamaha Motors India Pvt Ltd Factory Surajpur
Cogoulane Cannane pinned ICICI Bankmain branch
Cogoulane Cannane reviewed ICICI Bank
main branch Mr prem
Cogoulane Cannane reviewed ICICI Bank
main branch Mr prem
Sulakshana reviewed Kapila Nursing Home
I am totally dissatisfied by this hospital. They are not actually doctors but money makers rather we can call them butchers, this is less for them. I don't know from where these have received their degrees, definitely by giving bribe bcoz they don't know how to give treatment to the patients. They (Sameer and sonali kapila) don't have basic atticates!.This poor guy Sameer
is too aggressive uses absured language. If it could be possible their practice should be banned. I would suggest to all those who loves their dear ones don't go to this place for the well being of their dear ones .I suffered a lot from them for nearly two and half months, don't want this to be repeated with anyone else............
Ashwani Kumar pinned Chalharg Post Office
chalharg is the big village in teh. joginder nagar. many peopls are belongs there. the strenth of this village is above 350-400. there are mny beautyfull places near by it. mACHHYAL> 8 km from thE JOGINDER NAGAR is this small lake held sacred to Machendru Devta means the God of Fish. Fish are fed and worshipped here especially on Saturday and Tuesday. Fishing is strictly prohibited here. . A comparatively large lake is 1.5 km away from sacred lake which is 200 m lengthy and 20–50 m broad. There are thousands of Mahashir fishes here. The first Mahashir fish farm of India is proposed to build at upper Machchiyal.A Basakhi fair is celebrated 13 April to 15 April. Uhl project> Out flowing water of Uhl river from Bassi Power house meets into Gugli Khadd. Mata Chaterbuja> 21 km from the machhyal it is situated. it is the nic temle of the mata chatrbhuja. Joginder Nagar> जोगिन्द्रनगर नाम का छोटा और अति-सुन्दर शहर हिमालय पर्वतमाला के उत्तर पश्चिमी छोर पर स्थित है. यह शहर चारों ओर से पहाड़ों से घिरी जोगिन्द्रनगर घाटी के उत्तर पूर्वी छोर पर स्थित है. जोगिन्द्रनगर समुद्र तल से 1,010 मीटर (3,314 फुट) की ऊंचाई पर स्थित है मण्डी के प्रसिद्ध राजा जोगिन्द्रसेन के नाम पर इस नगर का नाम जोगिन्द्रनगर पड़ा। जोगिन्द्रनगर एशिया का एक ऐसा शहर है जहाँ तीन पनबिजली गृह हैँ अतः यह शहर विद्युत शहर के नाम से भी जाना जाता है।
Hans Raj pinned Cadbury India Ltd Plant
Dear Sir I am Hans Raj from District Hamirpur HP. I am find a job if you have any job plz confirm me. My resume enclosed here plz look & confirm. Thanks & Regards, Hans Raj 9625851151
Ateeq Khan pinned Faiziya Travels
Faiziya Travels started its operations in 2001 and is owned by Mr. Ateeq Khan. Mr. Ateeq Khan is an adorable human being with a liking for travelling and travelers. At Faiziya Travels we bank on his enthusiasm to keep the guests satisfied all the time and please them to the core. Try our tours to Madhya Pradesh! Madhya Pradesh is a land of wild cats, world heritage sites and hidden destinations. You can explore the dense jungles, tribal societies, cultural groups and much more in Madhya Pradesh. No state in India, offers better options than Madhya Pradesh. You can also satiate the adventuresome spirit in you by indulging in elephant and zeep safaris, and through many thrilling activities.
Pravesh reviewed Nichi in Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Good Japanese training, onsite and growth opportunities.Always rewards talented professionals.I thoroughly enjoy working in Nichi-In
Sumit reviewed Arogya Hospital
Pathetic Hospital, We had my wife's delivery over there by Preeti Agrawal. The lady is too harsh, taunts like a typical 'Indian mother in law'.
My wife had pains at 4 AM in the morning and the nurse gave her pain killer. When i inquire why is that then whole hospital treats us like criminals.
Yanala Sathish Kumar Reddy pinned Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Tractor Manufacturing Plant Zaheerabad
respected sir iam sathish kumar reddy compleated B tech mechanical engineering with 74% aggregate.am willing to work your company if any mechanical vacancies in your company please inform me email id addula. yanala.sathish@gmail.com