Rajasthan Awasan Maha Mandal

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Udaipur District, Udaipur, Rajasthan

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Deepro Ganguly pinned Sarai Jullena MarketThis market is a mini-kerala. Discovered this gem of a mallu restaurant here - Hotel Malabar. Great place for malabar porotta and beef fry!
Deepro Ganguly pinned Batra Glitz CinemaOne of the better single screen cinemas in new delhi.
Shashank reviewed Chetu India Pvt Ltd
There is very Good Growth System for the employees.
Timing of the company is very suitable which allows us to finish home task early in the morning.
There is good work culture. You cannot grow yourself on the basis on politics. No Politics.
Company recognizes your talent and respect it in all fields.
Chetu is very good platform to learn new technologies.
You are always to free to suggest something new in company and management will definitely think and work on it if it good for company as well as employees.
R.sampath Kumar pinned Nandini Sweets
To day I have ordered lassi Malai Lassi @ the new outlet of Anna nagar roundtana, the server has taken the left out residual of Rasamalai sweet on the display rack and added the same to the lassi and served to me. This was of different taste seems to be very old stuff. After somtime I was feeling vomiting, then I vomited once, and I was feeling sick. They charged me Rs.50/- for this. I am a senior citizen I have never tasted bad stuff like this.
Shreya Nagar reviewed Achievers Point
Neha mam is very good teacher. She has made GRE preparation so easy for us. The class is very interactive. Mam is very hard working. Mam u r awesome! I will strongly recommend GRE aspirant to try Achievers Point for better score. I am luck joined this place. I got 20 full length tests along with wow books containitng 3500 GRE words with pictures. Achievers Point rocks.
Ajit Singh subscribed to Power Tech Systems
Dhiya Takur pinned Perfume Paradise
YA ive been here..though the looks of shop is pleasing BUT the stuff ie the products are not worth buying,loss of money only.. i also visited BHAVANI SINGHS PERFUMERY whoz products are very good,a freedom fighter's concern,they have multipurpose products and A list of VIPS buy from them.. they also send products all over india.worth the amount spent.
Sneh Kumar commented on BHARATLAL GUPTA's story "MAI ZINDAA HOON S.K. BHATNAGAR TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND RS ENAM TO DESRVING LUCKNOW POLICE OFFICER EXCEPT ALIGANJ THANA JAGO NGO/HUMAN RIGHT ACTIVIST/MEEDIA NGO , AAJ KAL VINAY THATHA ESKAY SATHIUON NAY PALIKA BAZAR MAY YEH AFVAHA UDHA RAKHEE HAI KEE MAY MAR GAYA HOON THATHA MAINA APNEE PROPERTY ESHKAY HATH BACH DEE HAI ALIGANG POLICE ESHKO PISAY KAY KARN SUPPORT KAR RAHEE HAI. MAI KAANOON MAY VISWASH KERTA HOON JAB RASTRIYA SHARA KAA CHIEF JAIL JAA SAKTA HAI TO VINAY JO AK HEESTORY SHEETER KAB TAK BACHAGA.KAANOON MAY DAR HAI ANDHER NAHEE. MAI DAILY FACE BOOK PER POST KAR RAH HOON JAB MARAY SATH AISHA HO SAKTA HAI TO AUR SENIOR CITIZEN KY SATH KIYA HOTA HOGA UP KA CM SHREE AKHEELASH JEE AK ALIGANJ KAA THAN THEEK NAHEE KER SAKTAY TO UTTERPERDASH KIYA CHAYANGAY. AAP SAB ADHEEK SAY ADHEEK ESHKO SHARE KARAYN.AAP KINKO VOTE DANGAY JO AAP KAY MAN SAMAN KEE HIFJAT KER SAKAY NAA KEE UNKO……………………………………………… Dear brother/sister /friend my age is 66 years old retired from bsnl .Vinay jo Eak saja yafta admi hai eshka mobile no 9450357715 phaly yeh Palika Bazaar Kapoorthala Aliganj Lucknow main cycle stand chalta thaa, stand kee aar may yeh NOVELTY KAY TICKET BLACK KER TAHA THAA YEH AK History shheeter hain Aliganj polish eshko support karti hai 2011 say eshnay 216 Palika Bazaar kee dukan nahee kholanay dee hai aaj bhee mai tha mara parivar perayshan hai mainay 200 say adheek complaints sab officer ko bhajee per eshkee phaooch say sab bakar giya mara pariwar kaafee dera huwa hai, mainy U.P. CM ko bhee kai letter fax kiya yeh kahta hai kee eshkay upper Yadav logo kaa hath hai eshliy eshka kutch nahee ho sakta hai. Kiya akk up ka CM ak thana theek nahee ker sakta to vo aap kee bhali kiya karaga. Aap log adheeksay adheek face book per logo ko jankaree dayn agar meray sath aisha hota hai to kal AAPKAY sata kay sath bhee aisha hoga . main shree Mulayam Singh ko apna idel manta hoon unkay naam say hee mainy Dharti Puter Sharmik Vidyapeet 2000 mai banai hai jo NEW INDIRA TECHNICAL KEE AK UNIT HAI. jaihind sk bhatnagar sector n1/206 aliganj lucknow up.9565247168/8090495029 steevianiti@gmail.com NOW I AM INTRESTED TO GIVE 25000 Rs ENAM TO ANY POLICE OFFICER WHO WILL INVSTIGATE THE CASE POSTED ON 21 st April 2014 copy to all social worker and manvedheekar ngo,association media posted21/04/2014 please join our ngo free registration all india basis req nurses,Drs,social worker,advocate,press reporter press reporter I card facility available hand some payment (139``` REMINDER NO ACTION)"
Sandeep pinned Shree Gouranga Resort
Done a Huge Mistake selecting this resort.I had booked 3 rooms 1 months before.I reached on the date and they said that room is being given to other person.Thats a height.They then arranged room in nearby hotel....again worst hotel experience.Then they charged me 1 day extra, despite stating my position of just staying couple of hours more and will pay extra....but at the end they charged me for 3 rooms for 1 extra day.The son and the father(owner) of this Resort talk very Different.Beware of these Guys.Bringing back worst memories from India this time. Back to London
Abdul commented on abdul's story "sir my contact no. 08790222134 and my email id is abdulrahman1607@yahoo.com"
Abdul pinned Mahindra And Mahindra Ltd Tractor Manufacturing Plant Zaheerabad
sir, this is mohd abdul rahman iam pursuing my B.tech 3rd yr 2nd sem iam intrested in doing internship in your reputed organisation in between holidays. I would be thankful if you allow me to do. the below attachment is the letter head from my college
Atul pinned Dhanvantri Medicalgood availability